My Halls Are Officially Decked

Every year, my mom comes to visit the weekend after the house tour and we decorate my Christmas tree together. Then, either the following weekend or the one after, I visit my parents we decorate theirs. I know it might seem over the top, but I really love the holiday traditions we’ve built. I always look forward to that quality time we get to spend together being festive.

Because I’m a massive dork, I always come up with a name for that year’s theme (friends, I understand if I don’t hear from you again now that you’ve read that). This year’s is “cozy chic,” and the goal was to make my apartment look pretty, but still like somewhere you’d want to curl up for a Christmas movie marathon.

Here are the results:

2017-11-19 03.51.30 1.jpg

Although I like to theme the apartment, I don’t really theme the tree. I love all of my mismatched ornaments and the memories associated with them. From my birth all the way up to her death in 2007, my Grandma always bought me an ornament with the year on it.

One of the most meaningful ornaments on my tree is the one from 2007. Although my grandmother had passed away in May, my Aunt Lori gave me one last ornament for my collection.  I love reflecting on her thoughtfulness and generosity every time I put that one on the tree.

If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the apartment, click through the slides below.


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