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Loving It: The Desire Map Planner

My love of planners and planning is no secret. Some people might think it's crazy that I use a few different planning and tracking systems, but it seems to work really well for me... probably because writing things down is literally the only way I can ever hope to remember anything. February and March weird ...

One Brave Night 2018

In 2015, a little more than six months after receiving treatment at CAMH, I started hearing about this event called Darkness to Light. The premise was simple: get people to sponsor you to stay up all night, and the funds you raised would go to the CAMH Foundation. Fiona and I enthusiastically signed up and ...

5 Tips for Waking Up at 5 AM

I am not naturally a morning person. I'm also not really a night owl. Mostly, I just like to sleep. My dream job (no pun intended) would probably be sleep-testing mattresses--but I suspect that might not actually be a job. Over the past couple of weeks, work has been insanely busy. I hit my limit ...

Dealing With Bad Days After Depression

Bad days suck. But when you're recovering from depression, they can seem downright scary.

No, Seriously… Let’s Talk

Mental illness is not uncommon. So why don't we talk about it?

How to Get Out of a Rut

I've been in a rut lately... but I'm climbing out of it! Here's how.

Ten Minutes A Day For A Better Life

In my last year of high school (back when Ontario still had OAC, aka Grade 13), I dated a guy who was a bit of a nouveau-hippie. He was super into yoga, drum circles, and meditation. I was decidedly... not. I remember feeling annoyed one night near the end of our short-lived relationship when he ...